Sunday, June 27, 2010

Field Day 2010

The Quinte Amateur Radio Club and Prince Edward Radio Club again joined forces this year for Field Day activities. VE3RL ran as a 2A (Two Alpha) operation, utilizing generator power. Again this year my own involvement was limited to just a few hours on the Saturday evening. I managed to operate about an hour on 6 meters (with some modest results!) and another on 80 meters, which was red hot into the late night hours.
Again this year the field day site was, well...a field located on the property of Eric VA3EP near Lake on the Mountain, Prince Edward County, Ontario. A pair of utility trailers and a converted camper housed the stations.
A portion of the antenna farm at VE3RL's field day operation. Crushcraft R7 vertical in the foreground, tri-band yagi, 6 & 2 meter antennas beside the trailer.

The old camper trailer now convereted for field day use as the 6 & 2 meter station. Atop the tower a square omni-directional antenna for 6 as well as a 6m dipole, and 2m vertical.

Yours truly getting ready for a crack at 6 meters.

An impromptu 'round table' around the square table of the 6-meter trailer. Topics of conversation: amateur radio, mosquitoes (note the electric zapper in the essential field day accessory!) and......cell phones! Pictured L-R, Eric VA3EP, Mitchell VE3OCC, Dave VE3UGT and Ian VE3EP.
Eric VA3EP, whose property the field day site was located upon, manning the 6-meter station. A few good openings produced some decent results on the 'magic band'.

The gennies that kept VE3RL powered for the duration of the event.

The 'mess tent', gathering spot and 2-meter station for talk-ins. Kevin VA3THB won many rave reviews for his fish fry! Pictured L-R Dave VE3UGT, Ian VE3EP, Art VE3SQG, Mitchell VE3OCC and Bill VA3WOW.

Al VE3FZ and Tim VE3UO burnin' up 80 meters

You may find this difficult to see, especially if you're not looking at a LCD monitor. The yagi radiating its RF into the night sky with a misty moon in the background. Oddly it was pointing North-West. Maybe the 20 meter crew was working some KL7's!